What Our Students are Saying

Evan and Rory V -  Aldergrove (Langley)

"Having the teacher come to my home works really well... especially when they can do two lessons; one after another. That works well for us. With four kids and a very busy schedule, all kinds of things going on, when they can come here it works really well."

- Rory V

"I've learned a lot of different beats... And how to play along with a song and stay on time with the music. It's a lot of fun!"

- Evan V

Anna and Amy D - Brookswood (Langley)

"Our teacher came to our house, so he knew how to teach us; he listened to some of our songs on the piano, and wrote down what I play, and what I want to play. no teacher I've ever had has done that."

-Amy D

"The teacher was always well prepared and very understanding to our schedule. we've felt is was very worthwhile."

-Kathy D

Jeremy B - Cloverdale (Surrey)

"It's just easier to come back to my house and have my lessons there than to go to someone else's house. Also, having my drum kit at my house makes it easier to be comfortable and familiar with my instrument and able to learn on it easier."

"My lessons with Resound school of music have been really great! I've learned lots of new things and I've been able to focus on skills that I can really develop."

- Jeremy B

Beth and Jonathan F - Willowbrook (Langley)

"Jonathan's teacher covered a variety of angles of music, like ear training and different types of rhythm exercises that helped focus on different areas of his music education. So it's very well rounded."

-Beth F

"I wasn't really good with technique... My hand would be bent the wrong way, my guitar pick would be in the wrong position, and my fingering wasn't very good. So we took the first two or three weeks just learning good technique. My teacher has given me a different structure, so now it's more enjoyable to play!"

"Going from only knowing the names of the strings to playing a song in a month or less, is pretty good!"

-Jonathan F

Shawn V - Walnut Grove (Langley)

"I love having lessons in my home. I don't have to pack up my 4 children, and I can just enjoy listening the music in the warmth of my home."

"Our teacher is a lot of fun; very warm, very personable, easy to ask questions too, just knowing that I can trust someone with my son is really good!