Music Access Society | Making an Impact This Holiday Season

by Ralph Helm 27. November 2012 20:57

Last month, we shared with you about Music Access Society, the non-profit started by Anne Guite, one of our former Resound School violin/fiddle instructors, and all the amazing work they are doing providing music education to lower income families in the area.  Right now, they have 10 new students that they would like to provide music lessons to: seven who's families come from a refugee camp in Cambodia, and three from single-mother lower-income homes.

They need our help.

Right now, they are trying to raise money to be able to provide lessons for these children, but the funding needs to be secured.  Here's how you can help:

  • They are accepting donations a few different ways
    • You can donate via their FundRazr page
    • You can donate via their official website
    • Or, you can donate by writing a cheques payable to Music Access Society and mailing them to Music Access Society, #185, 27456 32nd Avenue, Aldergrove BC V4W 3P3
  • If you can't give, please share their FundRazr page with others on your Facebook wall, your Twitter feed, your blog, or even go old school and share it by word of mouth.

Resound School of Music is very proud to partner with Anne in this wonderful endeavor.  If music education has enriched your life or the life of someone in your family, you already know the incredible impact it can have.  Even if you can only give a few dollars, the lasting impact this will have on these children and families is truly eternal.


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