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Does Resound School of Music Come to You?

SERVING: Cloverdale, Newton, Grandview, Ocean Park, South Surrey, Crescent Beach, Elgin, Sunshine Hills, Strawberry Hill, Whalley, Guildford, Fraser Heights, Tynehead, Langley, Willoughby, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, New Westminster

About Us

Actually...This is more "About You."

This page is not actually about us....it's more about you.  In fact, we started this school to serve you and here's how:

1. You are tired of driving (so we do the driving for you!)

Whether you are a career-oriented professional who wants to play guitar, a busy homeschool mom providing musical opportunities for her kids, or anything in-between, you most likely spend more time in the car than you'd like.  Let us do the driving for you.  You'll save time and money (and, perhaps, your sanity) by having your lessons at home, and it's the perfect learning enivronment as well!

2. You are unique (so we match you with a teacher that is right for you!)

We all know that "one sizes fits all" is a myth.  If you've ever worn a t-shirt with that on the label, you know what we mean.  We argue that if you can't find a t-shirt that fits everybody, then you sure can't find a teacher that fits everybody either.  That's why we're willing to take a trip to your home before you commit to anything to meet with you and asseess the students musical experience, inherent ability, personality, learning style and musical interests.  Based on this information, we hand-pick a teacher for you and guarantee that you will love them.  Go ahead and sign-up now for a free music assessment at the right of this page.

3. You care about others (so we help you help them!)

We know that you are a thoughtful person, and care about those around you (we can assume this, can't we?).  Knowing the magnanimousness of your heart, we have committed to running a music program in Kenya for orphans.  So as you enjoy learning to play an instrument, you can also enjoy the fact that you are providing the same opportunity to your neighbors in Africa.  

OK...here is a tiny bit "About Us"

If you would like to see how we compare against other top local music schools, you can download this local music school comparison chart.  Also, take a moment to look at the top 7 reasons many students choose us. We work with a wide variety of students, including traditional-schoolers, and homeschoolers and offer lesson times to accomodate both.

The school is run by Ryan and Stephanie Langford, local entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts. They have 4 kids, 2 of which now enjoy music lessons at home.

Langford Family

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Oh...and because you've got an unusual sense of humour, we've put together this video advertisement for your viewing pleasure.